Party area

Own catering 5€/h per person

Include your own plates, cutlery and if you wish you can bring your own tablecloth.

Our catering:





Salt sticks

Soda or juice punch

Includes decoration, cups, napkins and plates.

Ice cream +2€/person

Subway menu

Subway bread 15 cm +6€/person

Subway bread 30 cm +10€/person

Giant Subway bread 90 cm 80€

Giant Subway bread 180 cm 150€

Subway tray 4x 30 cm 40€

(In 16 pieces)

    Restaurant Posse Finnish cold buffet 25€/person

    Smoked salmon
    Gravlax rye rolls
    Smoked reindeer and bread cheese salad
    Roast beef

    Roast beef with horseradish cream

    Mushroom salad
    Marinated cherry tomatoes
    Green salad
    Fresh baguette and butter

      Restaurant Posse old maid’s cold buffet  25€/person

      Eggs filled with herring tartare

      Herring rolls

      Smoked reindeer salad

      Tomato mozzarella salad

      House’s cauliflower salad

      Chicken pasta salad

      Fruity green salad

      Fresh baguette and butter

      Restaurant Posse Spanish cold buffet 25€/person

      Chili shrimps

      Salmon tartare

      Bell pepper salad

      Spanish potato torilla and garlic mayonnaise

      Mediterranean green salad

      Fresh baguette and butter


      Classic cream gateau 40€

      Cheesecakes 45€

      Chocolate cake 45€

      (The prices are for 20 people cakes)

      Pizzeria Capero pizza menu

      3 pizzas 5€/person (2-3 pieces per person)


      Ham, Shrimp, mushroom, clam, pineapple, anchovy, caper, olive, tuna, garlic, onion, bell pepper, asparagus, blue cheese, minced meat, salami, chili, pickle, cold smoked salmon, tomato, pepperoni, peach, kebab, chicken, feta, red onion, pork, bacon, egg, beef, smetana, mozzarella, rucola, chorizo-sausage, cherry tomato, goat cheese, smoked reindeer, bread cheese, BBQ pulled pork, bacon mayonnaise, nacho chips and chili mayonnaise

      Additional toppings 2€

      Garlic, gluten free pizza, rye crust, extra topping

      There are also different menus availabe for different occasions!

      Ask more from our sales service: activitymaker@gmail.com