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Aurora Hut Savonlinna

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Aurora Hut is a luxury grade igloo-boat, which also contains a terrace dock. The panorama windows of the igloo boat provide amazing views to the lake in the summer and winter. The boat is equipped with a bedroom, fully functional kitchen and a WC. You can also rent a gas grill and a SUP-board for extra supplies. The boat has a mechanical ventilation so comfortable sleeping temperature is quaranteed. The energy solutions of the Aurora Hut are done with sustainable development in mind because the electricity comes from solar- and biocells.

The igloo boat moves with a quiet electrical outboard motor, which is controlled by a remote. Free movement is one of the key advantages of the Aurora Hut, because you can anchor it to any place you like. During summer you can witness the amazing sunrises and sunsets, during autumn you can admire the beautiful autumn foliage and with a bit of luck the northern lights, during winter you can enjoy the bright starry sky and during spring you can spot the rare springed seal if you are lucky. Because of these reasons the Aurora Hut is an experience that keeps on giving, and you must experience it during all 4 seasons!